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July 8th, 2008

Buying Wedding Lingerie Bra Supply

By germanifa01 - July 8th, 2008, 23:26, Category: General

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable things that a lady, or more so a bride-to-be would do. In fact, if you are about to get married, then one of the bare essentials that you should be shopping for is...

Camisoles For Brides
Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding, since she was a five-year-old kid. Having the perfect dress, the perfect man by her side, it all matters. A girl should always pay special attention to her wardrobe at this point of...

Comfortable Wedding Lingerie
Flowers die, chocolates make her fat, and diamonds make a crater-like hole in your pocket, however, lingerie is the only gift which is long-lasting, inexpensive and truly giving. A woman feels desired, sexy and attractive after her man gifts her...

Sexy Strapless Satin Dress Wedding Lingerie Corset
Here is subtle satin dress wedding lingerie with which you can take your feminity a level higher. The satin dress wedding lingerie is a sophisticated corset that has been to even fit women with plus sizes. The front of the...

Stunning Silk
Silk is the most luxurious fabric to be used for lingerie, everybody knows this by now. Silk lingerie never goes out of fashion and continues to rule the wardrobe even now, when it comes to lingerie. It comes in all...

Lacy wedding bras
The wedding night holds a great amount of importance and pride for a newly-wed bride. It is essential that the bride looks good and feels confident on this very important night of her life. She should make it a point...

Pleasing Plus Size Lingerie
Gone are the days when an oversized plump newly wed bride would wear nighties and stuff which is considered non-sexy. This was a time, when it was considered acceptable for all the Skinny Minnies of the world to wear sexy...

New CASA* Report Finds: Most Web Sites Selling Prescription Opioids, Stimulants and Depressants Require No Prescription - Genetic Engineering News

By germanifa01 - July 8th, 2008, 23:26, Category: General

Despite a decline in the number of Web sites advertising or selling controlled prescription drugs, like OxyContin and Valium, Xanax and Vicodin, and Ritalin and Adderall, in the past year, 85 percent of Web sites selling such drugs do not require a prescription, according to "'You've Got Drugs!' V

A stark choice on the economy - Boston Globe
BARACK OBAMA and John McCain both reloaded their presidential campaigns this week with a renewed focus on the dire state of the nation's economy. With gasoline more than $4 a gallon, 438,000 jobs lost since January, and 3 million Americans facing possible mortgage default, you don't need a pollster

Yang Denounces Microsoft, Icahn Over Proxy Move - Wall Street Journal
Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Jerry Yang accused Microsoft Corp. of trying to destabilize the Internet company without a real desire to complete a deal, and he responded sharply to recent comments by investor Carl Icahn. The remarks by Yahoo's co-founder came a day after Microsoft said it would be

As some flee fires anew, others return for a time - Boston Globe
BIG SUR, Calif.— Firefighters pushed back a blaze threatening this small coastal community just enough to allow hundreds of people to check on their homes Tuesday as a separate fire 300 miles north forced residents of other towns to evacuate. Fire crews have been straining to cover 330 active

G-8 to cut emissions - Detroit News
RUSUTSU, Japan -- President Bush and leaders of the world's richest nations pledged Tuesday to "move toward a low-carbon society" by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050, the latest step in a long evolution by a president who for years played down the threat of global warming. The