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August 1st, 2008

Lingerie, Tuxedos Included In Sales Tax Holiday - WXIA 11 Alive

By germanifa01 - August 1st, 2008, 23:19, Category: General

ATLANTA -- Georgia shoppers can once again grab several items while out shopping this weekend and pay no sales tax. They include some clothing items from shoes to lingerie, schools supplies, computers and computer accessories. This is the state's

Mary Dejevsky: Consumer choice won't help with high gas bills - The Independent
It's a funny thing, isn't it? Whenever higher prices threatened in the past, the powers-that-be offered one fail-safe remedy. You have a choice, they said. Shop around, they said. Switch – that magic word – your supplier. But where is this

Playboy model, host took it all off for decades - Miami Herald
She was blond. She was beautiful. And in the 1970s, Carol Ann Marie Vitale was frequently naked in Playboy magazine. The August 1972 cover girl and Miss July 1974 -- later a Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie designer and host of a long-running

Calendar girl Gisele Bundchen - Boston Globe
Gisele Bundchen is planning to star in a steamy calendar as a birthday surprise for her boyfriend. The Brazilian supermodel, who is currently dating American football star Tom Brady, is set to pose in sexy lingerie and don a New England Patriots

Pleasing Plus Size Lingerie

By germanifa01 - August 1st, 2008, 11:56, Category: General

Gone are the days when an oversized plump newly wed bride would wear nighties and stuff which is considered non-sexy. This was a time, when it was considered acceptable for all the Skinny Minnies of the world to wear sexy...

Beautiful Baby Doll Lingerie
Baby doll lingerie is a type of lingerie which is a must-have for every girl, as it has all the qualities which a girl looks for when she goes lingerie shopping. One can find numerous styles in baby doll lingerie,...

Lacy wedding bras
The wedding night holds a great amount of importance and pride for a newly-wed bride. It is essential that the bride looks good and feels confident on this very important night of her life. She should make it a point...

Comfortable Wedding Lingerie
Flowers die, chocolates make her fat, and diamonds make a crater-like hole in your pocket, however, lingerie is the only gift which is long-lasting, inexpensive and truly giving. A woman feels desired, sexy and attractive after her man gifts her...

Sombre wedding lingerie
While most women plan to go all raunchy on their wedding night, a few others like things soft, su btle and sombre. Your wedding lingerie speaks volumes about your general character. It is great to go all wild and raunchy...

Plus Size bridal lingerie
Weddings are a special day in the life of any woman. Be it a plus size woman or a slim and slender one, weddings and wedding nights hold the same importance. Weddings are supposed to commemorate the love of a...

Titillating Teddies
Sexy teddies are extremely popular amongst all items of lingerie today. One saw the development of this type of lingerie in the 20th century. Teddies are a sexy item of lingerie being one-piece garments. These comprise of panties with a...

Stunning Silk
Silk is the most luxurious fabric to be used for lingerie, everybody knows this by now. Silk lingerie never goes out of fashion and continues to rule the wardrobe even now, when it comes to lingerie. It comes in all...