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September 8th, 2008

Beautiful Baby Doll Lingerie

By germanifa01 - September 8th, 2008, 4:22, Category: General

Baby doll lingerie is a type of lingerie which is a must-have for every girl, as it has all the qualities which a girl looks for when she goes lingerie shopping. One can find numerous styles in baby doll lingerie,...

Titillating Teddies
Sexy teddies are extremely popular amongst all items of lingerie today. One saw the development of this type of lingerie in the 20th century. Teddies are a sexy item of lingerie being one-piece garments. These comprise of panties with a...

Satin Bridal Lingerie
Satin is such a fabric, which not onl y feels soft and silky on your bare body, but is luxurious and sexy too! When used to create lingerie, satin is the most popular choice for everyone. Satin lingerie is extremely...

Sombre wedding lingerie
While most women plan to go all raunchy on their wedding night, a few others like things soft, su btle and sombre. Your wedding lingerie speaks volumes about your general character. It is great to go all wild and raunchy...

White wedding lingerie
White is the colour or purity, fantasie and virtuousness. It is essentially the f eeling of purity and sophistication that makes a woman chose white as the color of her wedding lingerie. A bride is supposed to start a new...

Plus Size bridal lingerie
Weddings are a special day in the life of any woman. Be it a plus size woman or a slim and slender one, weddings and wedding nights hold the same importance. Weddings are supposed to commemorate the love of a...

Wedding lingerie model
Wedding nights are an important phase in a couple’s life. They determine the life of the couple together as they enhance a couple’s physical intimacy. Lingerie is a very integral part of wedding lingerie as they are instrumental in turning...

Peaches Geldof flaunts black undies, turns into a seductive vampire - Zee News

By germanifa01 - September 8th, 2008, 3:13, Category: General

Los Angeles, Sept 08: Peaches Geldof is on to her bad girl ways yet again. The sultry babe has once again revealed her wild side as she turned into a vampire wearing nothing but seductive black undies, tempting a scantily dressed model in an ad for a more info

You're just days away from your wedding date. From intricate details about the decor down to your wedding trousseau you've ensured that nothing's less than perfect. But have you missed out on anything? Have you considered your bridal lingerie? If more info

A keyhole is a peek-a-boo opening that could be found on the neckline, front of a garment or the back. It's an oblong shape, as if to fit a key. NEW YORK — Ever wonder about the difference between a sheath dress and a shift? An A-line and a trapeze more info

LAS VEGAS -- When O.J. Simpson's armed robbery trial opens here today, it will underscore the downfall of the once-dashing NFL running back who spun football glory into public adoration -- until he was accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend more info

We've been spoiled the last two weeks by humdinger episodes, and this was a slower, moodier night of TV. But it opened with a bang, as our Mad women prepared for battle as a modern-day Decemberists song blared in the background. The tension of the more info