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December 19th, 2008

Emerging Lingerie Trade Wins Customers - IWPR

By germanifa01 - December 19th, 2008, 12:54, Category: General

In Syria, professions are usually handed down from one generation to the next. But deep within the Hamidiyeh market in the old town area of Damascus there exists a little shop where tradition has been cast aside in favour of sequins, feathers and

5 tips for getting the right fit in your undergarments - ABC 15 News
It's no secret that our society has very definite and often rigid expectations about what defines femininity. Lilly Norman of Anastasia's Bath, Body, Boudoir proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes with tips on how women can celebrate their

PEACH BUZZ: National win caps big year for this singer - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Stay-at-home Dahlonega dad Kurt Thomas has won the third annual Music City Madness contest, a nationwide search for the best unsigned country act. After 22 million votes were cast, Thomas, 33, beat out 16-year-old Maddie Georgi of Pennsylvania to win

Naughty Bits Tony Perrottet shares highlights and takes questions - Slate
Freising, Germany: I'm a bit surprised by the quote, "Medieval pilgrims were notorious for spicing up their religious devotions with riotous fornication". These days, I usually equate pilgrims with the long pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain, where most

Lingerie Designer - Gorgeous Brand - Retail Bulletin
My client is a beautiful lingerie brand who are enjoying great success. They are seeking a very on-trend, creative lingerie designer who has experience of this product area. You will responsible for enhancing the brands image, creating a delicate

Sombre wedding lingerie

By germanifa01 - December 19th, 2008, 12:54, Category: General

While most women plan to go all raunchy on their wedding night, a few others like things soft, su btle and sombre. Your wedding lingerie speaks volumes about your general character. It is great to go all wild and raunchy...

The Gift of Wedding Lingerie
The Gift of edible red panties is the ultimate Bridal Shower cliché. What better way is there is have your bride friend blush when she opens that package and sees a cherry flavored thong. But, then again, bridal lingerie doesn’t...

Bridal Lingerie Looks
Classic bridal lingerie was modest and white - something that would emphasize a woman’s innocence in bed without taking away her sensuality. Today’s bride is offered more wedding nightwear choices. The modern bride can look as innocent or as naughty...

Satin Bridal Lingerie
Satin is such a fabric, which not onl y feels soft and silky on your bare body, but is luxurious and sexy too! When used to create lingerie, satin is the most popular choice for everyone. Satin lingerie is extremely...

Beautiful Baby Doll Lingerie
Baby doll lingerie is a type of lingerie which is a must-have for every girl, as it has all the qualities which a girl looks for when she goes lingerie shopping. One can find numerous styles in baby doll lingerie,...

Wedding lingerie model
Wedding nights are an important phase in a couple’s life. They determine the life of the couple together as they enhance a couple’s physical intimacy. Lingerie is a very integral part of wedding lingerie as they are instrumental in turning...

Plus Size bridal lingerie
Weddings are a special day in the life of any woman. Be it a plus size woman or a slim and slender one, weddings and wedding nights hold the same importance. Weddings are supposed to commemorate the love of a...