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New toys

By germanifa01 - January 28th, 2008, 13:05, Category: General

Denver Post - No one knows you as well as your Yamaha BodiBeat. This MP3 player scans your music collection and plays tunes in sync with your heartbeat. The player works in four modes: workout, fitness, training and a standard music-playing mode. The workout mode ..Read some more

Delaware Online - He has expanded his inventory to include iPhones, the Wii, Xbox, Playstation, laptop computers, cell phones and Microsoft's Zune MP3 player. ..Read some more

Consumer Electronics Net - It's compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and up and stores music in MP3 , WAV and protected WMA formats. The division plans a video-capable MP3 player with 2-inch screen for its next act, a spokesman said without specifying a time frame. Copyright ..Read some more

All Headline News - Fukuda asked Bono if the limited edition MP3 player - which is part of the RED campaign, with sales going directly to the global fund to help fight AIDS - contained any U2 tunes. Bono replied: "No, but you can download it." Fukuda then revealed his ..Read some more

Baltimore Sun - That includes cable (or however you get television), the speakers, the DVD player -- even the game player and MP3 player, if you want. • Lighting: If you want the movie experience, you want to be able to darken the room but keep safety lights on ..Read some more - Industry watchers had speculated such openness could eventually hurt sales of iPods by giving consumers the ability to choose any MP3 player and have it work with the iTunes Store, which is currently the world's biggest online song shop with some 70 ..Read some more

Bend Bulletin - Sign up today for the Bulletin's new weekday news podcast. Get the latest daily news, sports, business, and entertainment, all on your MP3 player. To place an audio ad with the weekday podcast please e-mail us ..Read some more