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Courtesy of Baaijens Baaijens - Egypt Today

By germanifa01 - June 14th, 2008, 5:29, Category: General

ARITA BAAIJENS WOKE up one rainy winter morning in her Amsterdam apartment and decided to leave behind her friends and her municipal job as an environmentalist for the part-time life of a desert nomad in Egypt and Sudan. “I just had to do it. I did more info

Barbara Cartland, candyfloss, strawberry milkshakes, flamingos - pink is sweet, cloying and faintly ridiculous. But little girls love it. Blame Barbie, or our willingness as parents to play along, but all little fairies are determinedly rose. Take more info

With apologies to those of you with Tony Orlando songs still stuck in your head - here's the afternoon wild card At DFO's request, I'm taking another run at blog-sitting while he's on vacation. And so, I'm making a plea to all of you to help me more info