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Looking good in face of tough times -

By germanifa01 - June 14th, 2008, 17:28, Category: General

WEDDING slumps, soaring lipstick sales and a booming business for the upper crust's family lawyers are providing the final proof of a national economic slowdown. While economists look to unemployment, inflation and the stock market for guidance on

Boob job 1: Jordan - News of World
Whether they're growing or shrinking, Jordan's boobs have fuelled pub debate for more than a decade now. Last month we revealed how Jordan, 29, once dragged bisexual Rebecca Loos off to the ladies' for 15 minutes of girl time. It must have looked

It Moss be love - News of World
Garter it while you can guys these are the last videos Kate Moss is ever going to appear in for the sexy lingerie range Agent Provocateur. Supermodel Kate has been replaced by Sir Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches, who has just signed a £500,000 deal

Sex And The City: The Movie - MSN Review -
No one is holding any illusions as to the intentions of the Sex And The City movie. This is a gigantic indulgence for the show’s armies of fans. Carrie and friends wallow in shoes, lunches and cocktails to an unprecedented degree, congratulating