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Rocky Point wins lacrosse state crown - Newsday

By germanifa01 - June 15th, 2008, 0:29, Category: General

Sunday in Rocky Point, even the sky is Eagle blue. They'll be buzzing at the Rocky Point Townhouse Diner, at the Applebee's in Miller Place. Sunday, coach Mike Bowler is a legend and the 2008 Rocky Point boys lacrosse team are champs, a team forever more info

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- We have a boring way of speaking in the 21st Century. We don't speak with enough drama. We need more verve, more panache. We need more of that over-the-top Shakespearean way of speaking. Hollering "Get thee to a nunnery!" at the more info

From left, Maureen Schmalzreid, Sandra Hoy, Philip Siegel, Jamie Wickes, Dee Dee Shoemaker and Luzada Hayes at the Aurora luncheon at Kirby's. Kirby's Private Dining was the setting for Aurora's 20th anniversary luncheon this week. Civic leaders and more info

Only Steve Jobs can turn the launch of a new phone into a quasi-religious ceremony. Last week's launch of the Apple's latest iPhone in San Francisco was preceded by the usual feverish excitement and speculation. When Jobs, chief executive and founder more info