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Jolie brings action-packed panache to 'Wanted' - Allentown Morning Call

By germanifa01 - June 27th, 2008, 11:25, Category: General

Cheekbones, eye shadow, tattoos and lips -- that's the essence of Angelina Jolie . And guns. At least, that's what the skinny action heroine amounts to in ''Wanted,'' a nervy, stylish and deeply silly movie about a clan of assassins training its

Make My Day - American Reporter
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- We have a boring way of speaking in the 21st Century. We don't speak with enough drama. We need more verve, more panache. We need more of that over-the-top Shakespearean way of speaking. Hollering "Get thee to a nunnery!" at the

'New' Norfolk is nautical and nice - Chicago Tribune
NORFOLK, Va. -- The "new" Norfolk hasn't yet sparked the hype of, say, Atlanta or Charlotte. But this historic city's continuing urban renaissance could make it the next gleaming gem of the so-called New South. Situated along waterways where the

C'mon, America, the Saturday Knights are a hip-hop marvel - Seattle Times
In Seattle, though, we can't get enough. If we had to pick a musical mascot for the city, consensus would likely be the multi-culti trio of a certain age. Since the band's four-song EP came out in early 2007, every local publication — large, small