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The Games of my life - Belfast Telegraph

By germanifa01 - August 4th, 2008, 11:20, Category: General

Which have been the best Olympics in recent times? Alan Hubbard recalls his most cherished moments in his 44 years of covering the event and hands out the medals Of the 10 Olympics Games I have covered, Sydney in 2000 was simply the best, in every

Appreciating the Design of Modern Sectional Sofa - Turks.US
Talking about the modern leather sectional sofas people has different thoughts on selecting the modern furniture and its emergence to a home. Modern leather sofas are a popular choice for many families who want to add a splash of luxury and elegance

The politician Manmohan - Meri News
Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, a thorough gentleman, who genuinely believes in what can help India grow further and see better days, is not a predator who exploits politics but only a victim who fell prey to predation of politics.. “AT LAST

Why the new X-Files film is a misunderstood but compelling tract for - Guardian Unlimited
The X-Files: I Want to Believe has bombed at the box office and disappointed not just film critics but also fans of the iconic TV show . It has also puzzled them. The programme's first big-screen spin-off , ten years ago, was in essence just an