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New Zealand maternity lingerie shop arguement

By germanifa01 - August 19th, 2008, 6:23, Category: General

An employee of nursing and maternity lingerie company HOTmilk (originally from New Zealand) in the United Kingdom was told to remove a pregnant looking dummy that was wearing maternity lingerie from a store window after complaints from (local) shoppers and passers-by.

“People kept telling me how offensive they found it and word was spreading,” says store owner Amanda Bere who works in Selby. When she then moved the mannequin to a less visible position local breastfeeding groups were said to be shocked by the comments.

Ange Crosbie and Lisa Ebbing - the HOTmilk owners - don't understand what the the Selby inhabitants are complaining about. “We make intimate apparel that makes women feel fabulous at a time they most need to and are very proud of that,” says Ebbing.

“Our product empowers women to feel better when there is a great deal of upheaval in their lives,” tells Crosbie. “Amanda was displaying beautiful lingerie on a pregnant body, nothing could be more natural than that,” she says.

“I think people should take a long hard look at their attitudes towards what is one of the most normal and healthy processes in the world,” she says.

All this has had anything but a negative impact for Amanda: the exposure has seen sales increase enormously, with all of the negativity letting pregnant women in the region know where to buy quality nursing A to E-cup bras.