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As deadly storm Gustav threatens, Gulf coast relies on emergency plans drafted after Katrina - am New York

By germanifa01 - August 29th, 2008, 19:14, Category: General

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ With Gustav approaching hurricane strength and showing no signs of veering off a track to slam into the Gulf Coast, authorities across the region began laying the groundwork Thursday to get the sick, elderly and poor away from the shoreline. The first batch of 700 buses that could

Scientists Discover Why Flies Are So Hard To Swat - Science Daily
ScienceDaily (Aug. 29, 2008) — Over the past two decades, Michael Dickinson has been interviewed by reporters hundreds of times about his research on the biomechanics of insect flight. One question from the press has always dogged him: Why are flies so hard to swat? "Now I can finally answer

Diddy halts private jet flights over fuel prices - Seattle Times
Fuel prices have grounded an unexpected frequent-flyer: Diddy. Sean "Diddy" Combs complained about the " too high" price of gas and pleaded for free oil from his "Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters" in a YouTube video posted Wednesday. The hip-hop mogul said he is now flying on commercial airlines

Bacteria in water at Okla. E. coli outbreak site - USA Today
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Bacterial contamination has been found in well water at a northeast Oklahoma restaurant linked to an E. coli outbreak that killed a man and sickened dozens of others, state health officials said Friday. Department of Environmental Quality spokeswoman Skylar McElhaney said that