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It's not About Palin; It's About McCain -

By germanifa01 - September 3rd, 2008, 12:16, Category: General

If John McCain's veep choice was designed to dominate the news cycle, then I say: "Mission Accomplished." To his supporters picking Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin looks bold; to his detractors, it's cynical. Since McCain tabbed Palin to be a heartbeat more info

Contrary to the Hollywood image, you don't need Champagne and caviar to entertain with flair. Which is not to say luxurious foods in a stylish setting aren't impressive. For most of us, they just aren't practical, necessary or affordable more info

It's only symmetrical that Santi White would remix "L.E.S. Artistes" with Diplo. He's been a key M.I.A. collaborator, and she's the first to seriously replicate M.I.A.'s panache. Their mashing up sets off a shower of sparks, as classic house beats more info

"PUMP BOYS AND DINETTES" director, musical director and cast member Chris Blisset has created a tight ensemble of performers capable of singing, dancing, and playing a range of instruments with panache. Originally from North Carolina, Larry Tobias more info