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Just a little bit country -

By germanifa01 - September 17th, 2008, 7:27, Category: General

COUNTRY dining with plenty of panache - there are good reasons to make a date at the Currant Shed. You could never go hungry down the main road of McLaren Vale and through to Willunga. For a small country town - albeit the hub of a humming wine

Woods theories seem amiss - Boston Globe
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - With a thick carpet of dew at their feet and a thin layer of sunlight above, the day would begin not with swings but smiles. Golf? Well, sure, eventually it will be about the golf. But yesterday's official start to the 37th Ryder

Custom nannies - Philadelphia Daily News
Folona Stuart's workday - or rather, her worknight - is charted in diaper changes, foot-tickling, and occasional bouts of hiccups. Last night was a good one. "Ms. Harper slept like crazy. This is her second power feeding," she reports, nodding toward

Mazrui on Obama - Businessday Online
I t was surely only a matter of time before the distinguished Kenyan academic and Africanist Ali Mazrui had his say on the subject of Barack Obama. This is not just because as a Kenyan he might have had a particular vested interest, or even as a