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TRADE-KENYA: British Imports Losing Their Appeal - Inter Press Service

By germanifa01 - September 18th, 2008, 13:12, Category: General

NAIROBI, Aug 26 (IPS) - When Kenya purchased Toyota vehicles for its military forces, instead of the all-pervasive Land Rover, it signalled a seismic change -- in effect ending the most favoured status enjoyed by imports sourced from its erstwhile more info

MOSCOW might only feel like five minutes ago but Rome seems an age away after the European Champions struggled to justify wearing the crown. Not even last season's magician and inspiration Cristiano Ronaldo could recreate his thrilling impact in his more info

Congratulations to Ford for figuring that out what surfers with their vintage ‘woodies’ already knew — station wagons really can be cool-looking cars. Price : $43,250 (as tested). Fuel economy : 16 MPG city/22 MPG highway (EPA). Standard more info

Take note that Tony Blair, who used to run the shop in Britain, is on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy, 11 p.m.). I am informed that this will be his first appearance on The Daily Show and the sixth appearance by a former or current head of more info

A plaintively messed-up young man with an ardent devotion to voyeurism, newly arrived in Glasgow and obsessed with a hotel co-worker, is the subject of this prettily photographed but relationally science-fictional coming-of-age blather. The film more info