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Radical change for Goldman and Morgan - International Herald Tribune

By germanifa01 - September 21st, 2008, 21:11, Category: General

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the last two independent investment banks on Wall Street, will transform themselves into bank holding companies subject to far greater regulation, the Federal Reserve said Sunday night, a move that fundamentally reshapes an era of high finance that defined the more info

BEIJING (AP) - The number of children in China sickened by dairy products tainted with the banned industrial chemical melamine has jumped to nearly 53,000, the government said Sunday as it vowed to crack down on those responsible for one of China's worst food safety scandals in years. More than 80 more info

This poll, which has Obama and McCain even, has a few things in it's data that thinking people should be aware of. 92% of respondents were … read more of moderate income or below. 84% were inner city. 40% democrats 27% republicans and 34% others were polled. It is not a fair nor representative more info

JOHANNESBURG — Thabo Mbeki delivered what some observers are calling the best speech of his career Sunday. Ironically, it happened to announce his resignation from South Africa's presidency. And it jolted the continent's premier democracy down a new and clouded road in its political history. "I more info