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Palin Tries to Shore Up Foreign Policy Creds - ABC News

By germanifa01 - September 23rd, 2008, 17:09, Category: General

Seeking to shore up her foreign policy credentials, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin met with foreign leaders today as the United Nations General Assembly convened in New York. Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, left, meets Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Tuesday, Sept. 23 more info

WASHINGTON - Senators dug in their heels Tuesday, pushing back against dire warnings from the government’s top economic officials of recession, layoffs and lost homes if Congress doesn’t quickly approve the Bush administration’s emergency $700 billion financial bailout plan. Congressional more info

The FBI is investigating Fannie Mae (FNM), Freddie Mac (FRE), Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LEH) and American International Group Inc. (AIG) for potential fraud, the Associated Press reported, citing two unnamed law enforcement officials. The probe will focus on the companies and the people who ran more info

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) UNITED NATIONS -- Iran's president addressed the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday declaring that "the American empire more info