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Does High Fashion Become Offensive In Tough Times? - Washington Post

By germanifa01 - October 1st, 2008, 13:08, Category: General

Designs in a time of little ostentation, clockwise from above: Nina Ricci paraded evening wear cut short in front with a dramatic train; Rick Owens embraced darker shades and nun-like headwear; Junya Watanabe mixed African prints, American denim and

Academy Awards - Orlando Sentinel
Paul Newman, the dashing, blue-eyed screen icon who embodied earthy, manly panache, a bemused rebel's sense of right and wrong and a social activism that will outlive him thanks to the Newman's Own food brands, has died.

News - Digital Media - CNET News
There's more rumbling in Europe about Apple's iTunes Store, and this time, it comes from Norway, where, according to Reuters , a consumer agency has announced plans for legal action against Apple and what it says is unfair copyright restriction. "I

Blame leaders for disfunction - Norrn News
This is what is plaguing Canadian citizens aged 18 and older this fall: electile dysfunction. Electile dysfunction, not to be confused with erectile dysfunction, is the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for prime minister put forth

Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra revive the 1920s in Aurora - Arlington Heights Daily Herald
With his slicked-back hair, arched eyebrows and string-bean frame filling out an elegant white-tie tuxedo, singer Max Raabe looks like he just stepped out of a Fred Astaire film. And when this German high baritone croons tunes accompanied by the