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Mo' Video - Los Angeles Times Blogs

By germanifa01 - November 11th, 2008, 11:00, Category: General

BK and I spent the afternoon inside the Mothership (or as it's referred to by postal carriers, "the L.A. Times building") and filmed a couple of Lakers-centric videos to entertain y'all. Or just allow everyone to learn our opinions without slogging more info

IT was the top-grossing film of 1943 and stars a future president and a future US senator working under the director of "Casablanca." Yet "This Is the Army," a Technicolor World War II musical based on a famous fund-raising show, has never had an more info

Jaden Smith To Wax On/Wax Off: Will Smith ’s son, Jaden Smith, is set to star in a remake of the beloved 80’s classic, “The Karate Kid,” Variety reports. The film will be set in a slew of international locations, including Beijing, but will more info

Indianapolis’ Keiwan Ratliff gets spun around on a punt return before being tackled during the Colts’ win in Pittsburgh on Sunday. The Indianapolis Colts don’t throw the ball particularly well, but they sure do drop passes with panache. They more info

No comments posted. It can be easy sometimes for Veterans Day to get lost in the holiday shuffle. It lacks the panache of Christmas and Thanksgiving. It doesn't mark the unofficial beginning or end of summer the way Memorial Day and Labor Day do. It more info